To reach and connect all corners of our community through developing a mindful, transformative, healing arts practice together, we co-create our reality with imagination through expressive, inspiring collaborations for a lively, thriving community.

As professional community artists and healing arts practitioners we facilitate creative, transformative, personal and community experiences. We rest on traditional art making techniques but use them as a tool in our current search for meaning, individual and communal.

Group sessions allow us a trusting, intimate time and space to creatively explore the process of our lives as spirits on a human journey and what’s more, to learn how to add support, harmony and creativity to the story we are collectively manifesting.

Together we create quality art from the home, life we share, the seasons, holidays spent together, and milestones on our journey.

Tradition and Ritual is the structure behind the intricately and uniquely woven safety net of Community. The net we need for survival, as creatures so highly dependant on one another, with such complexity, infused with delicate sensitivity.

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